August 11, 2022

The Bahrain Soccer Affiliation has launched the preliminary roster of the Olympic workforce, which incorporates 34 gamers from 13 golf equipment, together with Ahmed Rabia, Khalifa Al Kos, Muhammad Faris, Saleh Al Zubaidi, Nasser Ibrahim and Omar Saber Al Muharraq. ”, Salem Hussein, Hussein Al-Ekri, Ali Muhammad Reda, Syed Javad Haider and Hassan Abdulnabi (Al-Shabaab), Salman Adel, Hussein Abdul Karim and Ali Khalifa (Isa City), Adel Al-Rumaihi, Abdullah Nimer and Ibrahim Sherida (Star), Ahmed Muslim, Hassan Issa and Hussein Haruna (Al-Malikiya), Khaled Nasser and Abdul Rahman Al-Kuheji (Al-Khalidiyah), Ammar Jaafar and Ali Muhammad Abdullah (Al-Ittihad), Syed Mahdi Sharaf and Ali Diaa (Al-Khalidiya). -Ahli), Ahmed Al-Dosari and Bashir Fuad (Al-Badi), Salman Abdullah and Abdullah Freikh (Al-Rifa), Hani Taha and Abdullah Salem (Al-Had), Mustafa Al-Salem (Settlement), Abdul Rahman Jamal “Jap Riffa”.

The Olympic workforce is ready for a few of the regional entrants earlier than receiving the official and most vital advantages of the 2024 Olympic Qualifiers subsequent 12 months. The Soccer Affiliation has contracted a brand new technical workers to guide the Olympic workforce by contracting Croatian coach Dario, technical analyst Nikola and nationwide coach Khaled Taj as his assistants in his mission and preparations will begin within the coming interval by way of the primary meeting and meeting. by way of intensive coaching with the intention to obtain the perfect preparation and get into the ultimate record of the workforce.

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