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Recent content by Beachscriber

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    Larger smartphones

    Brian,I've just joined this forum and I'm curious to know where you went with this in the end because I have a Galaxy Note 8 and I'm thinking of buying the OM5 but incompatibility worries me.
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    Osmo Mobile 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note Compatibility

    Does anyone here have experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note phones and the OM5? I have a Note 8 and I'm looking at buying an OM5 but the Note8 is not on the list of compatible devices. However, the Galaxy S8 is listed as compatible and the phones are very similar - same cameras, different...
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    USB-C Adapter Can't Reach USB-C on my Android Phone with Case On Alternatives?

    Do you mind if I ask a question or two that is not precisely on the topic you raise here? How do you find the Note 9 works with the app? Do you get full functionality? I'm thinking of buying the OM 5 but I see so many complaints online about loss of functionality with non-Apple phones. Also, my...