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Recent content by Droffarc

  1. Droffarc

    Pocket 2 motorcycle handlebar setup

    A quick short video shot with the Osmo 3 on how I have set my pocket2 for use on my motorcycle Setup on handlebar
  2. Droffarc

    pocket2 pic

    Just a quick pic of the sea - no filter. Wide angle lens used.
  3. Droffarc

    Two camera take

    It sounds like it would be an interesting excercise Bill, give it a try
  4. Droffarc

    Hyperlapse Motorcycle ride

    Strand, Western Cape South Africa
  5. Droffarc

    Two aspects of a Sunday Sundown

    East and West
  6. Droffarc

    Mini2 flight - pocket2

    Playing around with GIMP using an image taken with my pocket2
  7. Droffarc

    My favourite transport - pocket 2

    Just a quick pic
  8. Droffarc

    Bergriver Dam pano in my pocket2

    Just a quickie
  9. Droffarc

    Bellagio Holidays - Las Vegas 2021 Walking Tour 4K using DJI Pocket 2

    Magical subject! Enjoyed the light fountains
  10. Droffarc

    Suburban sunset

    Quite a bit of mist in the air on a hot summer's evening
  11. Droffarc

    Mo Moon

    Waxing gibbous but very bright
  12. Droffarc

    Oo Moon

    Taken with pocket2
  13. Droffarc

    Wind resistance OM3

    I noticed recently that strongish wind will influence especially panning movement of the OM3. I'm using a Huawei P smart . Not too happy about the smoothness of the footage. I'm also looking for a way to control the pan/tilt using the button (similar to the control facility on th epocket2)...
  14. Droffarc

    Jülicher Land - 4K

    (y) (y) (y) (y) (y)
  15. Droffarc

    Our Year 2021 - 4K

    ikkel, you serve to inspire me with this magnificent work. Thank you.