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Recent content by DroneAnimalKingdom

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    Action 2 Design

    Osmo Action 2 is taking a page out of the Insta360 One R by introducing a modular design. This is a separate take from most action cams wherein the "gold standard" has been the GoPro which had its own problems with overheating since the GoPro 9. While I'm surpised that the Action 2 did not...
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    DJI Pocket 2 vs. Moza Moin?

    What do you feel about the Moza Moin? It's cheaper and it has that articulating touch screen, but all I think about is how loose that would be after a couple of months' use. It's also a lor bulkier than the Pocket 2 which I think hurts it more than gives it that allure. The specs are not that...
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    What do you want for the DJI Pocket 3?

    What's missing with the current version of the DJI Pocket 2 that you wish would be improved with the next version? Me: - 1-inch sensor - built-in Do-It-All Handle and Bluetooth/Wireless connectivity - larger screen - better battery life - voice control What about you?
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    OM4 1 week later

    After my Zhiyun Smooth 4 gave up on me, I pulled the trigger on the DJI OM4. The magnetic mount was a big determining factor since I only have one phone for both shooting and for regular use, so being able to take my phone off the gimbal and reattaching it without the need for rebalancing is a...