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Recent content by ff22

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    France '21 part 3 Volcans d'Auvergne

    I own about three or four different versions - sopranos. I like Anna Moffo. Victoria DeLos Angeles is also good but too operatic!
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    France '21 part 4 Le Massif Central

    Right. The problem is OVER T H E R E!!!!
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    Patrimoine Wallon

    Really liked the quick snaps between scenes.
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    Mystical land

    Nice images.
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    France '21 part 7 Sur Ma Route

    A terrific summation of the trip. Did you always have terrific weather?
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    France '21 part 6 Metz

    Nicely filmed and edited. That Osmo Pocket is not bad!
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    France '21 part 4 Le Massif Central

    You really do a brief but thoroughly enjoyable tour. What great little villages, too.
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    France '21 part 3 Volcans d'Auvergne

    I was waiting for Joseph Canteloube : Songs of the Auvergne One of my favorite pieces of music.
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    France '21 part 2 Le Morvan

    Glad to be back watching your videos.
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    France '21 part 1 France '21 Teaser

    Looks as if I'm behind in my viewing. A very nice start....
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    Gotthard Pass in Switzerland

    I guess the roads and dam already marred the landscape but the windmills, well.....
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    What beautiful little villages. Thanks
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    Land der Maare (Eifel region Germany)

    Very nice.
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    Around and inside the Rhône Glacier

    Very, very nice. Reminded me of hiking the Haute Route.