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Recent content by Guaire

  1. Guaire

    Two camera take

    Hi Drofffarc - In the past, I have set up two cameras and an audio recorder and I narrate. The little Pocket 2 footage looked really good. Now cam 1 and cam 2 will match cuts. I ordered a second Pocket 2 today. I might see it later this week. I'm thinking the cams will follow and focus on my...
  2. Guaire

    Two camera take

    I like the results I'm seeing with on OSMO Pocket 2 camera. I'm controlling it on my iPhone with the app. For me, it's much easier than the camera. I want to add a second Pocket 2 for a 2 camera take. Should I connect my iPod to the second Pocket 2? Also, I use a separate recorder for audio...
  3. Guaire

    Hyperlapse Motorcycle ride

    Interesting ride. Where was it?