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Recent content by Huntman2014

  1. Huntman2014


    Okay thanks, I just dont know how to download something from youtube.........
  2. Huntman2014


    Ok, one of the problems ive been having with youtubes free music is that it does not loop. :(
  3. Huntman2014


    Just wondering, what music do you guys use and where do you get it from? I have been using YouTube's free music selection but that is very limited.
  4. Huntman2014

    Osmo Pocket in Edinburgh Scotland.

    Incredible! Looks amazing! What a pretty country! :D
  5. Huntman2014

    Thoughts on DJI Osmo pocket?

    Hello! I am purchaseing a dji osmo pocket and just wondering if anyone had some tips/tricks/pointers! thank for the help in advance!