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Recent content by Marty Markoe

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    Madeira, Part 2

    Professional video in terms filming technique and editing.
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    Party in my pocet2

    Cute saying. As to advice, fair enough. Therre are hundreds of Filming Basics on the Internet. Click Here to Try this short one. Skip to the one minuet mark to start. "All I want to do is take videos and shere with people. " Before I share any media, I look at the photo or video and put...
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    Party in my pocet2

    That's me. I owned eMicrophones, Inc.. I retired and sold out the end of 2011. See: https://www.speechrecsolutions.com/srs_emics_announcement.html Your research is incomplete. Did you notice who the poster was? John Doe, duh!!! John Doe, alias for Mark Bender. He is an Internet Troll. He...
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    Party in my pocet2

    Watched all 2 minutes 35 seconds. Only thing after is message to SUBSCRIBE???
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    Party in my pocet2

    Duh!!! Which part of the party was supposed to be interesting?
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    Beautiful Sunset at Baishawan Beach - Taiwan - Timelapse

    Beautiful ending to a day in paradise. Another way to look at it (Please Subscribe) is another day another dollar. ☺
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    Put a Spier in my pocket2

    No scarecrow for you. Is that a scare-ape?
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    A walk in the park - Radloff park

    Okay, harsh words. I stand by the presentation being low resolution. Mea Culpa. Apologize for calling it amateurish. Here are some basic principles for any presentation: Define the purpose of the video Identify the target audience Use clips that evoke an emotional response in the viewer Use...
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    A walk in the park - Radloff park

    Unsubscribe. Low Resolution, low interest, worse than amateurish.
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    Underground/Overground train

    Interesting in perspective. Can't tell if train is coming or going.
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    Pocket 2 always starting in selfie mode

    Use the front power on button and it should start with camera facing forward.
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    Fast wake is not working

    Just turned my Pocket 2 on from side button. It simply turns around to Selfie view without doing all the twists and turns yours does
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    Fast wake is not working

    For me, starting with the front lower button startup normal. Does the Pocket 2 work correctly besides the weird startup issue? If not, warranty service is called for.
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    Fast wake is not working

    No video attached ?