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Recent content by Murray Martz

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    Osmo Mobile 5 Coming Sept 8?

    I am thinking the same thing otherwise why the 5....
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    Text Color Changed to Black?

    There was an active update being done across all of the forums at the time.
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    Osmo+ A/C Battery Extension Cable

    The item has been discontinued for a long time. There is no stock anywhere and no one parts with them. If they do, you have to buy everything else thy are selling. I have been searching for the same item for over two years. You can get the power supply it connects to, but that is it.
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    Firmware rollback

    I was there and tried to find anything on it and was not able to. I also had posted there about it and never had a bite on the post. Spoke with DJI and they were very rude and condescending. Looks like I have a bad one out of the box that is a paperweight.
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    Pays d'ourthe

    I moderate over at the YuneecPilots forum and I have to tell you, this is in the top 5 videos I have seen over the years. Well done!
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    Firmware rollback

    Has anyone had any luck rolling back the firmware on a DJI product?
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    No Facebook live streaming

    After a 30 minute chatting fiasco with DJI on Facebook, they have admitted that there is no way to live stream the Osmo to Facebook. They said the developers are working on it. I stated to them that this has been going on for over 3 years now with still no solution, so how is that working on it...
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    Hello All!! Ontario, Canada checking in....

    And that is what can happen anywhere in Canada.
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    Odd calibration and drift

    Still trying to figure this out. If I am facing forward and start to turn in either direction, the phone leans to the direction I am turning, as in if I turn left, the left of the phone starts to drop down. It never stays horizontal.
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    And the winner is....

    Congrats @The Fat Contoller !!
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    Hello I have a DJI mavic Pro and it kept telling me interference with my controller

    You are in the wrong forum. This is for Osmo users. Try here.... DJI Mavic Drone Forum
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    Hi from Northern Ireland

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......Canadian flag! We are EVERYWHERE!!!
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    Odd calibration and drift

    I tend to calibrate the gimbal if I am heading out for the day. Has anyone noticed that the gimbal does not always tend to calibrate horizontally and vertically level? I calibrate it on a level surface, just seems odd to me.
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    Extra power for phone

    Being that your cell phone is your video camera and monitor, you can use up the cell battery fairly quickly. One thing to alleviate the problem is to do this. For Android or iPhone devices, get a power pack and mount it to the base/stand with Velcro, then get a right angle on both ends micro USB...
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    Hi from Japan.

    I am sure with time, as more members join and share what can be done, even you will be helping others. You'd be surprised what we all actually know.