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Recent content by Pegasusboysa42

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    Removing lens cover.

    I bought a screen and lens protector kit. They are awesome but the lens protector gets in the way of magnets on Nd filter and I’m afraid of losing 20$ filters on hikes. What’s is the best way of removing the lens cover?
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    Backpack clip

    Thank you for the reply. You can’t do fast follow for hyperlapse. I solved the problem by strapping it to the chest strap right in the middle of my chest. I’d be more comfortable with it on a shoulder strap but such is life. Fpv mode also make the footage very jerky.
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    Backpack clip

    In the reviews?
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    Backpack clip

    What is the best setting or setup to use Osmo pocket while hiking using a backpack clip. I usually do a hyper lapse. My problem is the camera is usually pointed to the left or right and won’t stay forward Because of the switch backs on a trail. Any advice?