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Recent content by Roslad

  1. Roslad

    Pilot check out

    I will be leaving the forum until mid June because I am just too busy during this time of year. It was fun to meet new people on this website and I would like to say goodbye. My camera filters will still be for sale on eBay for $105 too so you can still buy it. Thanks to all for the fun times...
  2. Roslad

    It's that time of year again.

    I agree. I hate fall and winter because it’s so cold! Summer was best because it was nice and hot outside and swimming at water parks is the best!
  3. Roslad

    Osmo Pocket camera filters

    Gotcha! Thanks for telling me!
  4. Roslad

    Action Charger arrived along with other spare parts I ordered.

    How long did it take to ship from China to your house?
  5. Roslad

    Not sure how DJI "Bamboozled" us? What's the take-away from this article?

    I know this has nothing to do with the article but do you also feel like the app does sneaky things?
  6. Roslad

    Hi from Japan.

    Quick question. If your wearing a wet suit in cold water, does the water seem warmer with a wet suit on?
  7. Roslad

    Far Side of Lake 22 with the Osmo Action

    Looks like a fun hike!
  8. Roslad

    Backyard Timelapse

  9. Roslad

    Lake 22: Converted from a 50 minute continuous video into a 2 and a 1/2 minute Hyperlapse

    That’s pretty cool! Kinda looks like an opening of a documentary on sports or a fast montage.
  10. Roslad

    Unannounced physical change to the Osmo Action

    Can you show a photo of the change with it?
  11. Roslad

    Osmo Pocket camera filters

    Just wondering what’s up with the all caps welcome? Did you rush to comment or something?
  12. Roslad

    DJI After-sales Policy for Its Newly Released DJI Osmo Action

    Thanks for spending your time to tell us all of this information!
  13. Roslad

    Osmo Pocket camera filters