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  1. suaveimagery

    Greetings from Conyers, GA

    Welcome, it's pretty easy:
  2. suaveimagery

    Position memory?

    The only thing I can think of is in the 'Timelapse' setting, you can set the interval, duration, and path of the camera if sitting on a tripod.
  3. suaveimagery

    Vlogging Osmo 3 set-up

    I purchased the Saramonic wireless system: https://www.saramonicusa.com/collections/wireless-microphones/products/blink500b2 and the hot shoe adapter: https://www.amazon.com/Woohoto-Adapter-Applied-Microphone-Accessory/dp/B07ZTC339H I also already had the Litra Pro light which mounts easily...
  4. suaveimagery

    Latest firmware

    Same here with latest firmware.
  5. suaveimagery


    I'm a member of a couple of drone forums. This guy named Eric Matyas offers the use of his composed music for drone videos. He has PLENTY. lol (1600 songs) Website: Soundimage.org I think his disclaimer is that you must either mention his name or make a link for his site in your video.
  6. suaveimagery

    Hello All!! Ontario, Canada checking in....

    I'm US, but currently residing in Ontario, Canada for a while...It snowed today btw....yes, it is MAY 4, 2020. lol