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    Firmware rollback

    Has anyone had any luck rolling back the firmware on a DJI product?
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    No Facebook live streaming

    After a 30 minute chatting fiasco with DJI on Facebook, they have admitted that there is no way to live stream the Osmo to Facebook. They said the developers are working on it. I stated to them that this has been going on for over 3 years now with still no solution, so how is that working on it...
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    Odd calibration and drift

    I tend to calibrate the gimbal if I am heading out for the day. Has anyone noticed that the gimbal does not always tend to calibrate horizontally and vertically level? I calibrate it on a level surface, just seems odd to me.
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    Extra power for phone

    Being that your cell phone is your video camera and monitor, you can use up the cell battery fairly quickly. One thing to alleviate the problem is to do this. For Android or iPhone devices, get a power pack and mount it to the base/stand with Velcro, then get a right angle on both ends micro USB...
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    I just actually bought my second DJi Osmo Mobile, the original one. So it's nice to see that we now have a forum for this. Welcome to me, and welcome to all of you!