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  1. Droffarc

    Pocket 2 motorcycle handlebar setup

    A quick short video shot with the Osmo 3 on how I have set my pocket2 for use on my motorcycle Setup on handlebar
  2. Droffarc

    pocket2 pic

    Just a quick pic of the sea - no filter. Wide angle lens used.
  3. Droffarc

    Two camera take

    It sounds like it would be an interesting excercise Bill, give it a try
  4. Droffarc

    Hyperlapse Motorcycle ride

    Strand, Western Cape South Africa
  5. Droffarc

    Two aspects of a Sunday Sundown

    East and West
  6. Droffarc

    Mini2 flight - pocket2

    Playing around with GIMP using an image taken with my pocket2
  7. Droffarc

    My favourite transport - pocket 2

    Just a quick pic
  8. Droffarc

    Bergriver Dam pano in my pocket2

    Just a quickie
  9. Droffarc

    Bellagio Holidays - Las Vegas 2021 Walking Tour 4K using DJI Pocket 2

    Magical subject! Enjoyed the light fountains
  10. Droffarc

    Suburban sunset

    Quite a bit of mist in the air on a hot summer's evening
  11. Droffarc

    Mo Moon

    Waxing gibbous but very bright
  12. Droffarc

    Oo Moon

    Taken with pocket2
  13. Droffarc

    Wind resistance OM3

    I noticed recently that strongish wind will influence especially panning movement of the OM3. I'm using a Huawei P smart . Not too happy about the smoothness of the footage. I'm also looking for a way to control the pan/tilt using the button (similar to the control facility on th epocket2)...
  14. Droffarc

    Jülicher Land - 4K

    (y) (y) (y) (y) (y)
  15. Droffarc

    Our Year 2021 - 4K

    ikkel, you serve to inspire me with this magnificent work. Thank you.
  16. Droffarc

    Belgian Heritage - 4K

    Extremely well done and professional! Well done ikkel!
  17. Droffarc

    Pool moon

    The moon reflected in th epool - watch for the twinkling stars. We are always three, counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon...
  18. Droffarc

    Another sunset in my pocket2

    The pocket2 is very handy and as you can see, the image quality from a screen capture is reasonably acceptable.
  19. Droffarc

    Red Sunset in my pocket2

    There is a saying: red sky ... Never mind all that - here is what our sky looked like this evening:
  20. Droffarc

    Baboon troop on breakfast route march

    Chacma baboons are large, hairy, terrestrial monkeys that have a dog-like head, with a prominent muzzle and a heavy brow above beady, close-set eyes. Males have long (about 5 cm), razor-sharp canine teeth and a dark mane on the neck and shoulders. These were taken with my DJI Pocket2. I had...