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  1. BingErr

    September in Minnesota near the Mississippi River (first time using Osmo Action)

    I used the Osmo Action for my handheld shots but it was the first time using it and I didn't have stabilization turned on, so that part is a little bumpy.
  2. BingErr

    Just got the Om4. Question about how you guys are attaching your phone.

    So I have started using the OM 4 and can't decide which connector to use. Everyday I use a case and a popsocket. To use the OM 4 I have to remove the case and then attach the clamp. If I attach the sticker magnet to my phone case then I don't have room for the popsocket, and it's not...
  3. BingErr

    Used the Osmo Pocket, Mavic 2 Pro and GoPro7 to make a really fun gender reveal video today. We're excited!

    Since I proposed with a drone video and just about every major life event has been documented with a drone, it was expected that we do a gender reveal with DJI products. We had a lot of fun making this one.
  4. BingErr

    2019 Highlight Reel #My2019Highlight Filmed entirely on DJI cameras.

    I made a 2019 highlight reel for the DJI Forums and used quite a few clips from my Osmo Pocket, as well as my Mavic Air, MPP, and M2P. All clips are labeled as to what it was filmed on.
  5. BingErr

    SOLD/CLOSED 5% off DJI.com coupon

    SOLD/CLOSED A member over at Mavicpilots alerted me to the fact that this discount code can not be transferred between accounts, so I marked it as SOLD/CLOSED. Admin. Please delete this thread when you have a chance. THANKS
  6. BingErr

    Bought a new mount. Oluanzi Op-1

    Just bought a new mount for the Osmo Pocket. Ulanzi Op-1. If it arrives by Tuesday I'll take it on vacation to Boston and use it to get handheld shots. Will report back first impressions and post some example vids...
  7. BingErr

    Finally edited last day on Oahu. Also included Hawaii drone tips.

    Here's the last day of footage. I did a little review and filmed it with my Osmo Pocket but I don't think the audio adapter was working right because it sounds kind of crappy. sorry.
  8. BingErr

    Post your Best Videography Memes

  9. BingErr

    Not sure how DJI "Bamboozled" us? What's the take-away from this article?

    I've read this but still am not sure what "Bamboozle" refers to. PRC= People's Republic of China. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this article? https://www.suasnews.com/2019/08/did-dji-bamboozle-you-too/
  10. BingErr

    Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter is back in stock at DJI.com. Able to use 20% off coupon with purchase

    The Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter is back in stock if anyone is waiting for it. Also... if you have a 20% off coupon you CAN use it for this purchase. Saves you $7.80. Not too shabby. As always if your order is at least $89 then free shipping.
  11. BingErr

    Oahu, Hawaii Day 4: Osmo Pocket underwater, Diamond Head, Waikiki

    Opening shots in the pool is my first real test of the Osmo Pocket waterproof housing in a pool. It's kind of tricky and will take some getting used to. Then hiked and flew the drone at Diamond Head Crater, ended the day in Waikiki.
  12. BingErr

    Brewery GRAND OPENING. Shot with Mavic Air & Osmo Pocket (used internal mic for live music)

    Used the internal mic on the Pocket to record live music and it worked really well, probably because the bass wasn't amplified. In the past when I have recorded live music with the Pocket the audio is maxed out with every bass hit and unusable.
  13. BingErr

    Impromptu wedding video with Mavic Air and Osmo Pocket

    This was not planned. The bride literally contacted me the morning of the wedding and asked if I brought my drone, which I replied "I bring my drone everywhere." She only wanted a few shots after the ceremony, but since I had my Osmo Pocket along I thought I'd shoot a little bit of video from my...
  14. BingErr

    I'd like to Subscribe to all the users here that are buying the Waterproof housing for the Osmo Pocket

    I just bought it tonight from DJI. I'm going to Oahu, Hawaii next month so I'd like to see every ones videos using the waterproof housing so I know what works and what doesn't before I starting using it while on vacation. Please add your youtube channel below and PLEASE upload videos while using...
  15. BingErr

    5 Video Travel log of our Cancun Honeymoon. Mavic Air, Osmo Pocket, GoPro 7

    I posted 1 day last week, but I'm really happy with how the whole trip, filming and editing turned out so here's the whole thing. Spent 6 days in Cancun and made 5 videos of our time there. Flew the Mavic Air everyday except the last 1/2 day. Used the Osmo Pocket quite a bit for panning...
  16. BingErr

    Cancun Splash Water World! Day 4 of our Mexico Honeymoon feat. Osmo Pocket and Mavic Air

    Got some great shots of people going down the water slide in slow-motion. I actually love how the Osmo Pocket zooms in when filming slo-mo. It's handy not have to get so close to the action. There are some nice panning time-lapse shots in this video also.
  17. BingErr

    Members's YouTube Channels

    Can we get a YouTube channel sharing thread pinned to the top of Photos & Videos? Just like the other forums it should ONLY include your youtube channel URL. No replies. www.youtube.com/c/bingerr I sub back everyone who subs me.
  18. BingErr

    3 days in Phoenix and Sedona. Osmo Pocket and Mavic Pro Platinum.

    Had a nice little 3 day vacation in Phoenix and Sedona this winter. It was the first time I used the Osmo Pocket hiking. Prior to the Pocket I used a larger gimbal with the GoPro 3 or 5 on it. I can say that the Osmo Pocket is so much more portable easy to use. I thought the 2 hour battery would...