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  1. clackey

    Osmo Mobile 5 Released

    More info at DJI OM 5 - Master Every Shot - DJI Reviews..
  2. clackey

    Osmo Mobile 5 Coming Sept 8?

    Looks like a teaser for the OM5! https://www.dji.com/trailer?site=brandsite&from=homepage
  3. clackey

    New OM4 Released!

    Check it out at DJI OM 4 - Create Magnetic Moments | DJI
  4. clackey

    And the winner is....

    The winner of our OSMO Action giveaway is @The Fat Contoller with post number 667 below. Congrats! https://viralxd.com/threads/switching-to-video.202/#post-667 This post was randomly was chosen by random.org from all the posts up to midnight 12/31/19.
  5. clackey

    Win a DJI Osmo Action Camera!

    To celebrate the launch of viralxd.com we'll be giving away a DJI Osmo Action. Simply create your viralxd.com account and start posting! Each post will count as one entry in our drawing on August 31, 2019. The more posts you create, the more chances you have to win! Thanks for your...
  6. clackey

    Introduce yourself!

    Hey all! Welcome to the new Osmo Forum. Start a thread and introduce yourself. Tell us about your experience with DJI, Osmo or similar cameras.