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    Top Heavy

    Had some fun with my Pocket 2.
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    Tidying the Canal

    Updating signage Canal Bridge under repair Parents with Young All taken with DJI Pocket 2
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    Underground/Overground train

    A pretty station at Chesham. As the train was departing I was fortunate to capture the old signal box and a train on its way towards a part of London.
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    Needed something Hot..............

    .....with the recent weather being so wet and not being able to fly the drone we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. Taken with the Pocket 2.
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    A Quiet Spring Morning

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    26 Seconds

    I was using the DJI Pocket 2 photographing and filming some family members and on the way home spotted a traders twin barges transporting coal, logs and oil for barges on the Grand Union Canal.
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    Saint Peter + Saint Paul - Tring

    I had to click and collect today and took a picture with the Pocket 2 of a nearby church. I really enjoy having the Pocket 2 close to hand.
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    A Pic from the Pocket 2

    One from our walk today . Barn on the Aldbury Road.
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    A heavier downfall today

    I feel excited each time I use this small machine - here is a short video of snow falling again today.
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    Snow arrives and...

    ...and the rains soon washes it away. Taken in the early hours this morning - some brief scenes taken with the DJI Pocket 2.
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    Cold Misty Morning

    On my walk today for exercise I was pleased to have the camera with me so I could take some quick shots etc, hence the video is quite short.
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    Winter's Morning

    A few pix taken with the Pocket 2 this morning - it was very cold and misty. Sun Beams - frosty day Misty Canal Man and his Dog .
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    A morning spent with the DJI Pocket 2

    A short video hastily put together. I spent a short time this morning walking part of the Grand Union Canal using the DJI Pocket 2 for the first time. I need to practise more with the settings etc - meanwhile I am most pleased with the results. .
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    Hi everyone

    I have just received news from Heliguy that my pocket 2 arrives fairly soon - I have much to read and learn. I'm hopeful Osmo Pilots have much to share. (y)