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    Is it just me or has DJI camera's just not catching on yet? There just don't seem to be a lot of people that are signing up on this forum so is that just a sign that GOPRO has this market cornered? I'm out all over Las Vegas and people are asking me about this camera an since I don't have a...
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    I would like to know is for $350 for this camera how long before they come out with a new one with just a little more to it? I went out an bought a osmo Camera and I love it! But I would like to no if that's what DJI is going to do in the next few week's?
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    I want a camera

    So I've been looking for a new camera to buy but I hate to go to stores and test them because they don't always work right. I guess this would be the same issue If I bought one of these cameras does it have night vision and I talking like what the military's have? I don't have a lot of money but...
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    So with this win a camera?

    With this do a post and you could win a DJI camera? So I don't have to read some long drawn out how to win can you put 1 word an would that count as an entry?